• 1. Payout/betting rules


    If match start time is postponed, all placed bets will remain until the rescheduled beginning of the match. But if match start time is postponed for a period longer than 24 hours – bets are going to be cancelled and returned to bettors. However, we reserve a possibility to change the ruling of such cases according to the information provided by the organizer.


    If both teams win a map (one map each) in BO2, it is a draw: all bets will be canceled and initial bets will be returned to the bettors. If a game within a combined bet is cancelled or ends in draw – its odds will change to x1.00.


    If at least one of the competitors was awarded a forfeit loss of the match, or any part of it, bets on all markets will be called void, unless the market has already been determined and not affected by the forfeit.


    If a team is disqualified for hacking, cheating or, in general, for breaking rules – the bets will be cancelled and returned to bettors. However, if the organizer of the tournament does not make an official statement about disqualification during the time period when match is live on the page – the winnings will be paid out based on the results of the match.

    Stand-ins/ substitutes

    Stand-ins/ substitutes are only allowed if the core roster of the team (at least 3 players) remain unchanged.

    Name change

    If competitor changes its name, when match is already bettable, all wagers on moneyline (match winner) bets will be declared void except for other markets (over/under, odd/even bets etc.) unless it's clear that it's a wrong object.

    Accepting bets

    Bets are accepted until the beginning of the match, if bets are still open when the match has already started (in case of a malfunction or an incorrect information was provided by the organizers) – all bets placed after the beginning of the match will be returned to bettors.

    Bet cancellation

    Bets can be cancelled and refunded only if the reasons stated above apply. If a bettor accidentally places a bet on a different team – the bet will not be cancelled. The same goes for all bets that were placed incorrectly due to connection failure or other technical faults in the bettor’s communication. Also, the bettor is obliged to ensure that the details of his/ her bet are correct.


    Customers may open only one account on the page. Should we identify any customer having placed bets from multiple accounts and/or containing the same selections (including where placed in a series of bets, at a range of prices, over a number of days, using different betting accounts connected to the same user), we reserve a right to make the total payment, of all those bets and accounts combined, limited to one single maximum winnings payout on single account or reject, consider to be null, all or some of the bets placed from such accounts, as well as annulling other accounts connected to the same customer.

  • 2. The match ended, but the balance was not added. Why?

    The balance will not be added if you have placed a bet on a team that has lost or if the match was postponed to another day.

  • 3. Are there any other ways to add balance?

    The only way to add balance is by depositing skins, souvenirs, pins, stickers etc. on the page. There are no options to deposit by PayPal, Skrill, Paysafe or any other methods as such.

  • 4. Must I deposit before withdrawing?

    Yes, in order to be able to withdraw, deposit of $10 is required. You can see your withdrawable coins in withdraw section. Deposit can be made in several payments.

  • 5. What are withdrawable coins?

    Withdrawable coins are an indication showing how much balance has been already placed on bets. This indication is added because there is a wager system enabled on the page, meaning, that user has to bet 100% value of the skin he wishes to withdraw (e.g. in order to withdraw an item which is worth 10$ there has to be the same amount placed on the bets). This indication is required to protect our skin bank being used just as a trading platform.

  • 6. Why cannot I deposit my skins?

    Item deposit might be unsuccessful if:
    - value of the item you wish to deposit is lower than $0.2
    - your Steam profile privacy settings are set to private (in order to trade successfully, profile should be public)
    - you do not have a Steam Guard app at all or it has not been enabled for at least 7 days.
    - you have a trade hold or VAC ban.
    - you have pasted an incorrect trade URL.
    - you do not have CS:GO on your steam account.

  • 7. How can I be sponsored?

    Send us a support ticket with your message.

  • 8. Withdrawal has failed and money was charged, what do I do?

    On such case, money, deducted for withdrawal, is added back to the balance within a period of 15 minutes. If the money is not back – please send us a support ticket and we will make sure to solve the issue!

  • 9. Item was deposited but the money for it was not added, what should I do?

    If balance for the deposited item is not added within a period of an hour – please send a support ticket.

  • 10. Are there any other ways to add balance?

    An affiliate system is a way to get additional balance by promoting your unique affiliate code and getting new users to use it. How does it work:
    -1st – you promote your code.
    -2nd – person uses it to collect free balance of 1$ or 1% cashback and you get 1% from his winnings. Each person who uses it will become your referral.
    But also, please remember, that in order to be able to collect affiliate earnings, you and your referrals need to have at least 10$ deposited, each.